We are so happy and honoured that we have a great group of friends and family supporting us and helping us prepare for our big day. Our wedding party is made of friends that we've known for years and look forward to spending many more years laughing and growing with.

Nicole's Girls

Lauren Selves — Maid of Honour
Lauren is my best friend, my honourary sister, and the woman that has made me feel extremely special and loved constantly throughout the years we've known each other. I am spoiled to have a friend like Lauren and it's such a nice feeling to have someone that is so excited about our day. Even when Lauren is thousands of miles away in Vancouver she makes the wedding planning more exciting and much less tedious.
Katherine French — Bridesmaid
My beautiful sister has an equally beautiful heart and has an infinite number of ideas for our shower, Jack & Jill and wedding. She's already endured hours of dress shopping and a ridiculous amount of time putting up with Jason and my painfully adolescent humour. She makes everyday a laugh and makes Jason feel like he's already part of the family.
Kristiina Myllymaki — Bridesmaid
Kristiina is my go-to-girl, she pushes me, challenges me, and we share the same passions about the outdoors. I always have a great time when I'm with Kristiina and I appreciate her independence and creativity. Jason and I always make sure to share the cottage with Kristiina and Jamie because we can see that they love the place as much as we do and we couldn't ask for better company :)
Kelly Finkbeiner — Bridesmaid
Always cheerful, always smiling, Kelly is my friend and my mentor. She has always been there to help me see my full potential and support me in my endeavors. Once you get in good with Kelly you reap all the rewards a good friend has to offer. Kelly wears her heart on her sleeve and has always made me feel important in her life. Kelly keeps Jason and I laughing and we kind of like Adam too ;)
Jason's Guys
Colin Briggs — Best Man
Colin was my first real friend when I moved from Pickering to Uxbridge in Grade 8 and he has been my best friend ever since. He has been a great friend to me. He's always kind, always thoughtful, and always ready for a good time. I know that I can count on him as my best man and I'm thankful for his friendship.
Matt Street — Groomsman
I've known Matt the longest of all of my friends. We met through Scouting the summer before I started school in Uxbridge. Matt is outgoing, social and fun so it was easy to become good friends with him. We share a love for the outdoors, the environment, and good music. There's never a dull moment with Matt, so even though he lives in Ottawa now, it's always worth the drive to see him.
Daniel Wigdor — Groomsman
On my first day of school in Uxbridge, Daniel was assigned to show me around the school. We may not have hit it off right away but we soon became good friends when we found mutual interests in math, computers, movies and sarcasm. We've remained close through the years despite him working in the States for the past 5 or so.
Scott Clarke — Groomsman
Although I've only known my brother for half of my life, Scott has become a welcome part of my family. I have enjoyed getting to know him, spending time together and watching his family as it grows. He is kind and has a big heart. I couldn't imagine not having him in my wedding party.
Our Masters of Ceremony
Mark & Kate Sedore
Mark and Kate have known us both for years and probably have too many stories to share about our times together. Mark had the pleasure of knowing both of us before we even knew each other. Kate, on the other hand, has secretly been planning our wedding since we all lived on Yonge Street.
This crazy couple has had us in tears laughing over and over again. We've asked them to MC our wedding because there's no one better to set the tone for our reception.