You need to know that our wedding location is for the outdoor lover. For instance, the terrain is rough, some overnight accommodation has no electricity and washrooms and showers are separate from sleeping cabins. We think it is important that you read the following to make sure your weekend with us can be as enjoyable as possible.
  • We invite all our guests to, if they choose, dress casually for our wedding. If you do choose to dress formally, please wear flat shoes as grass, sand and rock are not kind to you in heels.
  • The weather may not cooperate with us on September 12th. If it rains, walking paths can quickly turn to small streams. Please be prepared with umbrellas, rain jackets and appropriate footwear.
  • It's a short taxi ride from Tapawingo to Parry Sound. If you are staying the night in a local hotel, we request that you use a taxi, unless you are not drinking, as your safety is very important to us.
  • Please bring your bathing suit because swimming is fun and showers may not be as private as you'd like.
  • Bedding is not provided; please bring sleeping bags and pillows if you're staying the night.
  • It will get very dark overnight, you will likely need a flashlight to move around safely.
  • Please see our overnight packing list.
  • We want everyone to have a great time so please, if there's anything we can do to make your stay at Tapawingo better, let us know.

Washhouse (separate from sleeping cabins and toilets)

Typical Tapawingo Cabin